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From "Matt Humphrey" <>
Subject [PATCH] Many enhancements to Get task
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2001 16:34:30 GMT
The attached file, get.diff, contains the differences between the latest
version of and the version that I modified to add several features.
I've also attached an HTML file which contains a modified version of the
docs for Get. I'm posting it this way because that's what Nico Seesle
requested. I can also post the full source if anyone wants it.

The enhancements are:

- Can specify whether to use HTTP's GET or POST methods when retrieving the
- Can specify request parameters (to simulate the posting of a form by a
- Can send arbitrary HTTP request headers.
- Support for basic authentication for use with password protected pages
(only basic authentication is supported, but the hooks are in there to
support other types).

Here's an example of using the task to access a server at,
passing a request to some servlet asking it to retrieve several pages from a
stored book.

<get src="" method="post"
authtype="basic" username="joe" password="silly">
    <param name="action" value="getdoc"/>
    <param name="ISBN">038550120X</param>
    <param name="pages">19-20</param>
    <header name="Accept-Language" value="en-us"/>

HTTP POST will be used in the request. "action", "ISBN", and "pages"
parameters are sent with the request. An HTTP header specifying acceptable
languages for the returned contents is also sent. Basic authentication is
used with a user name of "joe" and a password of "silly".

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