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From "Siberski, Wolf" <>
Subject RE: public vs. private targets
Date Fri, 23 Feb 2001 11:41:25 GMT
Milan Kubec wrote:
> It depends what do you mean by "Ant user", if you mean programmer who 
> created ant script, he is supposed to know what is he/she doing, that's 
> OK. But it you create bunch of build scripts for developers just to use 
> them, they are virtually without any ant knowledge and it's becomming to 

If he doesn't know what he's doing, he can stick
with the main targets.

> could help IMHO. BTW why OO prg. languages has private and public 
> methods, developers could know that some methods are not supposed to be 
> used as public ;-)

I think it's a matter of scalability.
An OO application with 100 classes,
each having 10 methods, could be
developed and maintained easily
without public/private distinction.
It would get much more difficult
with 1000 classes, probably impossible
with more than 10000.

Fortunately most of us get away
with far less than 100 build files,
therefore no need to ensure
maintainability by *enforcing*
a public/private distinction.


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