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From (Patrick Chanezon)
Subject Re: Who's using Ant?
Date Fri, 02 Feb 2001 02:42:50 GMT
I speak in my personal name here, not in the one of iPlanet.

We use it on my project iPlanet Market Maker
( since
the beginning.

It's a pretty big server side project running on iPlanet Web Server 4.1
and iPlanet App Server 6.0, and some of us use tomcat in development.
We use JSPs, a lot of XML, LDAP (iPlanet Directory Server 4.0) and Oracle
We develop on NT and Solaris.

In the beginning of the project I begun creating some cross platform
gmake files, which was nasty as usual when I discovered ant.
I gave it a shot and when the team showed what you could do with it, we
adopted it for the project.
Now we try to evangelize it throughout iPlanet for the other java based
I liked the fact that it was open source and in java: when I had a
problem with the javadoc task, I just commited a patch for it.

We extended it with a few custom made tasks, and developped a powerful
workspace using ant as a base, that allows us to break the project in
separate modules and have a very easy to use development environment.
We use it as well for nightly builds, and other projects that use some of
our stuff can extend our build files to integrate easily.

Last point, I'm now in charge of the developer's customization training
for the product: in march I will train 80 developers worldwide (US,
Europe and Asia), to customize our product.
The developers will receive a CD with the same workspace we use to
develop the product.
The first thing I'll do in the training is to present ant (and netbeans)
and advertise it.

I think that Tim McCune remark gets to the point:

> Check out just about any open-source Java project these days.  A better question might
be "who's _not_ using
> Ant."

Ant is very powerful today to build java systems of any size, and the
developer's community around it is very active (some discussions are even
quite heated :-), so I just expect it to become even more powerful in the

Adopting it is a no brainer.


Sean Kelly wrote:

> Is there a registry of what projects and organizations
> are using Ant?  If so, where?
> If not, can I get a "show of hands" of who's using Ant
> and in what capacaties?
> I'm trying to get a proposal through that uses Ant, and
> I need some evidence to demonstrate that this isn't a
> mere flash in the pan, but a fast-becoming de facto
> standard build system for Java projects.
> Thanks.
> --Sean
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"Behavior that's admired is the path to power among people everywhere."
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