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From Michael Gilbode <>
Subject Re: WLJSPC : Weblogic JSP Compilation: Regarding
Date Tue, 20 Feb 2001 19:10:36 GMT
I'm not sure of the current state of the WLJSPC task.  I had the same needs you
had so I updated the WLJSPC task from ant 1.2 to work with WebLogic 5.1 & 6.0. 
It's kinda kludgy in spots but it seems to work fine with WebLogic 4.5.1, 5.1,
and 6.0.

The WLJSPC task that is currently included with ant will not work in WebLogic
5.1 or 6.0 (at least not how you'd expect if you have subdirectories) due to
how packages names are specified.

After some work I also got this task to work in-process.  The original required
that ant fork to work.  It's still a little slow but I think the slowness can
be mostly blamed on the weblogic.jspc.

I've attached a jar containing the source files that I've modifed.  They have
Javadoc in them so that should help you out.

Does anyone know what the current status of this task is in the official ant
releases?  I'd like to see these features get added so I don't have to continue
maintaining my own version of the task.


--- Venkatesan Chandrakandan <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> 	I am a programmer currently using Ant1.2 for my builds. But, I have
> seen alot of discussion about Weblogic JSP Compilation and various options
> other programmers have started to write for Weblogic JSP compilation. I find
> probelms like,
> a.) These options are not found in Ant1.2
> b.) Weblogic JSP Options are not DOCUMENTED in Ant 1.2 documents, not even
> in the current ON-LINE Ant documentation.
> c.) Ant1.3 beta 1 & Ant 1.3 beta 2 & even Ant1.4 alpha does not contain any
> document for Weblogic JSP Compilation.
> d.) I could not find a consolidated email in the Ant-DEV-group or the
> Ant-USER-group stating that this is the optional.jar that contains the
> Weblogic JSP Compilation options and this is how the build file is written
> for compiling JSP's using Weblogic 5.1
> Note: I currently use Weblogic 5.1 and would like to compile a WHOLE
> directory (with sub-directory's) of JSP's using Weblogic 5.1 JSPC.
> I would very happy if you could send me some details and the optional.jar in
> this regard. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Venki. 

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