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From Vineet Bhatia <>
Subject RE: proposal: VSS check-in task?
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2001 19:05:46 GMT
I have written a VSSADD task. It does the following -

\\Path\to\ss.exe Add buildTest.txt -GLD:\local\path -P$/VSS/Path -I-

You might have to write a VSSWorkFold task also.
The WorkFold task should do this -
\\Path\to\ss.exe workfold $/VSS/Path D:\local\path -I- -Yuser,passwd

Pls see attachment. Feel free to modify/reuse the code and add it to the ANT
I totally agree with your naming conventions.


-----Original Message-----
From: Liu, Kenneth Albert (Kenneth)** CTR ** []
Sent: Thursday, February 01, 2001 1:53 PM
Subject: proposal: VSS check-in task?

Hi all - has anyone written a Visual SourceSafe check-in task?  If not -
I'll go ahead and do it.

BTW - does anyone know why the vss package classes are named with all caps?
(VSS, VSSLABEL, VSSGET).  I think they should be renamed to follow the java
naming conventions (Vss, VssLabel, VssGet).


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