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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Some comments on the latest Zip changes
Date Tue, 16 Jan 2001 14:32:35 GMT

I have a bigger problem and two minor issues with the patch Pete has
just committed. The problem:

We overload <fileset> with two different implementations, having
different attributes, depending on tasks. This imposes two problems
(1) if people use a DTD (and some do as they use XML editors/editing
modes for their build files) this would be wrong at some places as you
cannot specify an attribute list depending on context and (2) people
would start to get confused when they see a fileset definition - why
does the one defined in <project> level not support the prefix
attribute ...

For this reasons I had recently changed addFileset to accept a plain
FileSet attribute and not a PrefixedFileset. Solution: revert back to
addFileset(FileSet) and add addZipfileset(ZipFileSet) together with
some logic to tell FileSets from its children in appropriate places.

The minor issues

(1) No need to deprecate addPrefixedfileset IMHO, just remove it (I
know this is what Don did initially). It hasn't been part of Ant 1.2
and I think people using alpha versions of Ant should expect features
to change as long as they are in their infancy.

(2) Why copy getRef from FileSet to ZipFileSet instead of making it
protected in the base class?


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