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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Jay's javac refactoring once again
Date Tue, 09 Jan 2001 15:57:58 GMT

I finally managed to find time to review Jay's code, it's more or less
ready to get submitted. I've patched in Conor's change (the
failOnError attribute) as well - had to change CompilerAdapter.execute
to return boolean to do so.

Sam, when you talk about file batching and output parsing for jikes,
you are still looking at the old
as a reference - we don't use that one anymore at all. Jay's code for
running jikes is identical to the one in Ant 1.2 for this.

The remaining issues:

* I'm not really happy with the new attribute names but would commit the
stuff anyway as we can change this rather quickly without breaking
anything. I'd propose addsysclasspath instead of addantruntime.

* Sam's tinderbox's needs and the addantruntime attribute cannot live
together well.

We have two very valid use cases: In the tinderbox case we don't want
to trust the buildfile. The addantruntime is for situations where the
buildfile writer doesn't want to trust the system CLASSPATH of the

Say we have addantruntime="false" in our build file, what should we
do? I'd say, unless build.sysclasspath has been set, the attribute
wins - so concatSystemClasspath shouldn't be invoked. I'm not sure
whether build.sysclasspath should win if it is set regardless of its
value, but I tend to say yes.



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