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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: New core functionality
Date Mon, 22 Jan 2001 10:09:31 GMT
Hi Larry,

actually you are extending task functionality, not core
functionality. Just picking nits 8-)

Larry Sanderson <> wrote:

> 1) I modified the Ant task to accept a nested "antpath" element.

I think this is similar to the AntCallOn task submitted a while ago
(and that I haven't found time to even look at yet).

> 2) I modified the Available task to accept a nested "filepattern"
> element.  This allows us to determine if any file matches the
> specified pattern.

There's been some very active communication about extending/improving
<available> lately, that I didn't follow close enough. I /think/
somebody is working an an extended <available> that would allow for
alternatives and your approach would fit into that category - at least
there's been a lot of talk.

> 3) I modified Main to accept only one task at a time.  All
> additional arguments are translated into user-properties. (This one
> is NOT backward compatible)

You mean target, not task, right?

Don't ask me why, but even Ant's own bootstrap process uses an
invocation with three targets (resulting in two runs for everything
leading up to main). Anyway, there seems to be some need for multi
target invocations.


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