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From "Sam Ruby" <>
Subject PMC official business
Date Mon, 29 Jan 2001 20:27:53 GMT
Excerpt from [board_minutes_1999_09_16.txt]:

   RESOLVED, that the Jakarta Project Management Committee be and hereby is
   responsible for the creation and maintenance of Java Servlet-related
   software based on software licensed to the Corporation;

It is the opinion of the current chairman of the board (Roy T. Fielding)
that several Jakarta subprojects, including this one, are out of scope with
respect to that resolution, and suggests one of the following three courses
of actions:

   1)      board resolutions are required to expand the scope of those

   2) board resolutions are required to separate each new project into a
     more focused PMC;

   3) the chairman will direct remaining out-of-scope and inadequately
     overseen projects to cease distributing software as part of the Apache
     Software Foundation.

It is my opinion that they proper course of action should be determined by
a majority of committers to this code base.  What I would like to propose
is a short discussion on this topic followed by a vote.

I will start by voicing my opinion on the subject (as a committer, not as
Jakarta PMC chairman).  Roy has indicated that #3 is the default action,
and I believe it to be as the least desirable.  #2 may very well be the
correct long term action, perhaps combining Ant with a number of other
related projects.

For the short term, my preference is for #1.  I believe that most people
have been working under the operating assumption that Ant is within the
scope of the Jakarta PMC, and it is my preference that we first bring the
official charter in synch with the current practices, and then have the
appropriate people work towards evaluating and designing a new
organizational structure.

Note that whatever is decided here is not permanent.  At any point in time,
a resolution can be brought before the board, and if it represents the
wishes of a majority of committers for a given code base, it will likely be
seriously considered.

Finally, whatever is decided here, I will help make happen.

- Sam Ruby

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