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Subject RE: [VOTE] name that task: <transform> - side note on 'transform'
Date Tue, 30 Jan 2001 23:08:56 GMT
Indeed, it would be neat to get people to think "transforming data - use
XSLT!" - but then I'm biased.

Personally I'd like to see any <transform> task being used to do XSLT
operations, just like the existing <style> task - especially since
<transform> implies a lot more potential functionality than just doing
simple styling of text, etc.  But I could also understand if people don't
want to introduce any more name changes at this late a stage in the Ant 1.3

Re: the issue about whatever new task is being discussed, I don't have an
opinion yet, but just make sure that it's not called <transform> unless it
uses XSLT.

Note about terminology: TrAX (was at has effectively
become part of JAXP 1.1 ( - the old
trax.* package has effectively now become the javax.xml.transform package,
and will be used in lots more places now that it's on it's way to being in
the JDK.  Oh, see javadoc on the 'melding' of TrAX into javax.xml.transform

- Shane
---- you Tim McCune <> wrote ----
> Only problem I have with <transform> is that when I think of that, I
> think of XSLT, especially now that the TrAX (Transformation API for
> XML) API has arrived.  I'd like to see the <style> task renamed to
> <transform>.

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