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From "Martin van den Bemt" <>
Subject RE: Proposal?
Date Mon, 15 Jan 2001 07:33:32 GMT
chrights = chmod, chown + chgrp in one task....
saves a lot of parseing and executing...


-----Original Message-----
From: Peter Donald []
Sent: Sunday, January 14, 2001 6:16 PM
Subject: Re: Proposal?

At 04:45  14/1/01 +0100, Martin van den Bemt wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>I love to create documentation, but programming is a lot higher on my
>(except for today than..)
>Most specs are in the grey stuff the brain ;-))
>I have a question and I didn't look for the answer in any docs or source :
>Are doclets already supported in Ant? I have a need for that (use a couple
>of custom tags (e.g. parameters in servlets etc), custom config files, etc
>to generate my javadocs). If not in ant, I'll have a go at it..

actually already there ... was just commented in CVS a couple of weeks ago
IIRC - if not a quick look at source should make it obvious.

>All also created chrights, chgrp, chown (nice copy & paste from chmod btw),
>but I didn't test that yet in 1.2 and the latest sources. If I do : who to
>mail this stuff to? (don't have cvs write access).

Send it to here ;)
One question thou - what is chrights ?



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