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From "Martin van den Bemt" <>
Subject [FIX] w2k (maby nt4) ant.bat and build.bat
Date Sat, 20 Jan 2001 12:47:02 GMT

This time a real fix for all you win2k users (don't have winnt 4 anymore,
but I think it could work,).

What I did :

- get the first parameter value and put it in a tmp file
- use for to analyze if there is -D option available (this is a little bit
dangerous if i use -Dummy option as a cmdline option advice : don't do that
- if the first token is - we have an option here and also the second cmd
line parameter is read and stored in the cmdline variable.
- if the first token isn't - than we assume that the commandline parameter
is on it's own (meaning :  no blah=blah option).

- it calls ant.bat with the collected values
- ant.bat does the same with his parameters and passes the values to ant

Possible problems :

- calling ant with a blah=blah parameter doesn't get parsed correctly
- Don't pass the cmdline to the ant class with surrounding quotes. As I only
supply values like jars and nothing fancy, I didn't have anything in mind on
how to really test this. If the quotes are necessary for the jvm (or doesn't
hurt ant or the jvm), please put surrounding quotes around it.
- bootstrap.bat doesn't do parsing, since it doesn't get called with any
parameters (although it's looking for it...)

It's still better than not being able to build at all in win2k....

Martin van den Bemt

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