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From "Daniel Ostermeier" <>
Subject Ants JUint Tasks
Date Wed, 31 Jan 2001 23:10:51 GMT
I was just wondering if anyone was working on the JUnit tasks at 
present? There are some refactorings that I think would be useful, 
and would be interested in working on or discussing.

In particular, moving the junit test case class loading away from 
the super classes control, and down to implementations of the 
JUnitTest and BaseTest classes. This would modify the interaction
slightly in that the Test Tasks would become providers of classes
rather then the string names of classes. 

The benefits of this are more control over the test suites being 
given to Tasks that are used to configure and select the tests.

Where im coming from is the following: Ive been using the BatchTest
to select and run a set of test cases. However, this results in 
each of the selected tests being executed and providing feed back on
an individual basis. So, if I run 10 tests, I get 10 summaries. I
would prefer all of these tests to be bundled up into a single TestSuite,
which would require the above mentioned refactoring.

Thoughts ... comments ...

Daniel Ostermeier
Cortex eBusiness

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