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From "Preston L. Bannister" <>
Subject Integrating Ant into JBuilder
Date Wed, 17 Jan 2001 03:02:33 GMT
I was looking for a way to run Ant from JBuilder
and ran across AntRunner:

While this works there are some non-ideal bits...

Ant is run by calling:

  try {;
  } catch (SecurityException exp) {
	// Ant tries to System.exit(), that is not allowed and will be catched

Looking to call Ant a bit more directly I took the source
of main() and coded direct calls to the Main() constructor
and runBuild() only to find these are not public...

Going far enough down to get public functions looks way
more complicated than I really need (laziness as a virtue :).

What I'd like to do is make Main() and runBuild() public,
and hook the output streams to feed directly into the IDE
message window.

Am I heading down the wrong path with Ant??

Preston L. Bannister

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