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From Yossie Teitz <>
Subject Bug 724: more data
Date Tue, 09 Jan 2001 12:47:34 GMT
Dear supporter,
I noticed that these fields got left out of the bug report. I didn't want
them to be missed so I included them in this mail.
1. Create a build.xml file in directory c:/temp/x#y.
2. Run ant.
3. Watch it fail with the following error: c:\temp\x
Changed the method by switching
the line:
    saxParser.parse(buildFile, new RootHandler());
    FileInputStream inputStream = new FileInputStream(buildFile);
    saxParser.parse(inputStream, new RootHandler());
SAXParser.parse has different versions that take different input arguments.
ANT currently calls SAXParser.parse(File, HandlerBase). Since we know that
we are using a buildfile, we open the file and  pass its InputStream to
SAXParser.parse(InputStream, HandlerBase).

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