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From Jon Stevens <>
Subject Re: So, The Show Must Go On
Date Fri, 19 Jan 2001 23:00:02 GMT
on 1/19/01 3:47 AM, "Sam Ruby" <> wrote:

> I've talked to Duncan.  I don't believe he has been misread.
> I believe that this community has expressed very clearly that Duncan is
> welcome here as an equal.  Duncan does not believe that this is fair.
> He believes that in most successful open source communities are driven by a
> single thought leader.  I don't agree that it is always a single person.
> Furthermore, I would go further and state that leadership implies a
> continued and sustained contribution.
> At this point, I'd feel more comfortable using myself as an example.  When
> I started on this project I first asked permission and inquired as to the
> right direction before making a change.  Over time this evolved into
> telling people my intentions and executing.  Eventually this reached a
> point where - for a while - I was perceived by many to be THE thought
> leader.  Then I let this atrophy and others have stepped in and taken my
> place.  Recently I wanted to make a change and I reverted back to the
> policy of telling people my intention to make a change and then going and
> doing it.
> In every phase, I have always felt welcome here.  If, for some reason, I
> felt a need to resume control of this project because I wished to push it
> in a particular direction - I know the path to do so.  Continued and
> sustained contribution.
> - Sam Ruby


I'm friends with James personally, but I cannot agree more with the very
last sentence. That is *key*. You can't just leave and come back and expect
to gain "control" of things. The only way you can "control" things is
through continued and sustained contribution. In fact, I think that this
clearly states a lot of the reasons why myself and others have retained
"control" of Turbine over the years...the people who are most in "control"
are the people who are most consistent and stick around the longest.

I understand that James wishes that that was the case for him...however
there was a whole year where that wasn't the case and expecting others to
just drop things to let him "control" things again just isn't reasonable. He
can get control if he wants to earn it and that can't just happen overnight.

In fact, I would say that James should wait for his revolution for 3.0...not


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