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From Jon Stevens <>
Subject Re: Jakarta PMC Meeting Agenda / Info
Date Mon, 15 Jan 2001 08:10:52 GMT
on 1/15/01 12:02 AM, "" <> wrote:

> Well, I think I have to clear few things up.
> I already announced ( probably not clearly enough ) my intention to give
> up and spend my free time in better ways. This is a form of vote, BTW.
> The only thing that keeps me subscribed to this list is the fact that I
> wanted to finish my work on tomcat3 - quite a few  people put a lot of
> their time and effort into it, and I'll do whatever I can to make sure
> their work is not lost.

How would it be lost? It is in CVS and archived on literally hundreds of
people's desktops. I also heard you say previously that you were going to
continue things elsewhere. Therefore, what exactly would be lost?

> I don't think my presence to the PMC meeting can bring anything good
> - I
> think most of the decisions have already been taken, and most of the
> games done. It seems things have already been debated in  productive
> closed-lists, and 1/2 of the judges are representing one side. I have a
> lot of respect for the other 1/2, but their (lack of ) open attitude
> during recent months is one of the main reasons for me wanting to get out
> of this project as soon as possible.

Actually NOTHING has been debated OR decided on any of the closed lists. I
wonder how many times I (and others) need to repeat that to you before you
actually hear and acknowledge it.

> In any case, the only thing I can do is to make clear that I ( as still
> a commiter on this project ) believe that tomcat 3.3 is to tomcat 3.2 what
> 3.2 is to 3.1 - a step forward and an evolution in the right direction.

Uh. That point was never in contention.

> If you want to help - do the same, write to the list stating your opinion
> ( and don't answer to any flame ). Or write to any PMC member you like,
> and please mention the reasons for not writing to the list. A +1 is enough
> if you don't want to add more.

Yes, I agree! I also encourage all of you to start expressing your opinions.
If more people would step up and contribute here in one way or another this
would be a much better place.

> I'm very happy with the way our evolution worked. The fact that so many
> people contributed so much ( Gal, Sam, Larry, Nacho, Alex, Glen, Henri,
> Dan - and everyone else ) is what makes tomcat 3.x a great
> success. And again, tomcat 3.3 is not my baby - all I did was to clean up
> and move code around trying to learn from Apache2.0 and others. The
> original design is the main value, and almost all features have been
> implemented by other people.

As the person who probably did the most number of commits and
co-restructuring, I would consider you the lead developer on Tomcat 3.x.
Please stop trying to downplay your importance. Yes, others were very
important, but I think it was you who really stepped up and did the core
work that needed to be done to bring Tomcat 3.x up to par with what you
consider as being needed done.

> I'm waiting for the moment they feel Catalina is completed and has
> all the promised features and it's ready to be compared with Tomcat 3.

So am I! 

I personally think that Tomcat 4.0b1 is very close with regards to being a
usable Servlet Container. I'm certainly much happier using it than I was
with Tomcat 3.x.



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