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From Jon Stevens <>
Subject Re: Jakarta PMC Meeting Agenda / Info
Date Sat, 13 Jan 2001 02:49:20 GMT
on 1/12/01 5:16 PM, "James Duncan Davidson" <> wrote:

> Before the meeting, Jon Stevens and I welcome you to come to
> CollabNet and discuss ideas for a CJAN implementation for
> managing Java JAR libraries. I'm sure that we'd also like to
> talk about Sam's tinderbox ideas as these ideas are related.
> Details on this to follow.

James wanted me to give a bit more details about this. What it entails is
really getting Sam to talk more about what he has been working on for the
last few weeks. He has been developing this system...


It is tinderbox/build system and it is currently using XSLT on the back end
to produce the scripts which get run in order to produce the output you see
at the URL above. The advantage of this system is quite obvious...

This will eventually lead to a CJAN system where we can have build scripts
that auto deal with including the right .jar files as needed into your build
system...much like CPAN is to Perl...we are working towards a CJAN for Java
with the added benefit of also having a nightly tinderbox/build system.

I think that this is going to be a huge step forward for the Java community
in general so I just want to discuss it a bit more in a higher bandwidth



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