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From James Duncan Davidson <>
Subject FW: Jakarta PMC Meeting Agenda / Info
Date Sat, 13 Jan 2001 01:21:21 GMT

James Duncan Davidson                              
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From: James Duncan Davidson <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2001 17:16:24 -0800
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Subject: Jakarta PMC Meeting Agenda / Info

As promised, here's the information for the Jakarta PMC meeting.


    Tuesday Jan 16th 1:00PM PDT

    I anticipate that this meeting could span the entire afternoon. Please
    plan accordingly.


    8000 Marina Boulevard Suite 600
    Brisbane, CA 94005-1865

    For more info including directions see:


    This is a meeting for the Jakarta PMC members and the PMC members
    will be primary participants in this meeting. However, it will
    be an open door meeting. Anybody who is a committer to any project
    under the Jakarta umbrella is welcome to attend and observe. As well
    anybody interested in the future of the Jakarta project is welcome.
    We have had requests for people to observe the proceedings for
    educational purposes -- these folks as well are welcome.

    The PMC Chairman reserves the right to limit participation by
    any observer if circumstances warrant.


    Number: 954-797-1657
    Participant Code: 507609

    Note, we do have a maximum number of 20 concurrent connections available
    on the conference calling system. Please be aware of this. The purpose
    of the dial in number is to allow committers who can not otherwise
    attend this meeting to observe to have visibility into the meeting. If
    you are in the Bay Area, please attend the meeting in person rather than
    calling in so that we can maximize lines for people that absolutely
    can not be present in person.


    The ASF By-Laws states the following about PMC's:

    "Section 6.3. Project Management Committees. In addition to the officers
    of the corporation, the Board of Directors may, by resolution, establish
    one or more Project Management Committees consisting of at least one
    officer of the corporation, who shall be designated chairman of such
    committee, and may include one or more other members of the corporation.
    Unless elected or appointed as an officer in accordance with Sections
    6.1 and 6.4 of these Bylaws, a member of a Project Management Committee
    shall not be deemed an officer of the corporation.

    Each Project Management Committee shall be responsible for the active
    management of one or more projects identified by resolution of the Board
    of Directors which may include, without limitation, the creation or
    maintenance of "open-source" software for distribution to the public at
    no charge. Subject to the direction of the Board of Directors, the
    chairman of each Project Management Committee shall be primarily
    responsible for project(s) managed by such committee, and he or she
    shall establish rules and procedures for the day to day management of
    project(s) for which the committee is responsible.

    The Board of Directors of the corporation may, by resolution, terminate
    a Project Management Committee at any time. "

    This section of the ASF By-Laws is what defines what the PMCs are and
    how they can act.


 *) Definition of the scope of the Jakarta Project. This is required
    by the Chairman of the ASF and the ASF Board. At the current time
    the Chairman feels that many of the projects in the Jakarta and
    XML projects are out of scope. Either we define a new scope
    and propose it to the board, or we propose that certain subprojects
    be moved to their own, different projects with their own scope.

    The result of this action item will be presented to the Board for
    its consideration.

    As part of this bullet point, I will be moving that we propose
    to the board the creation of a separate, top level project for Ant.

 *) Formalization of a subproject responsibility hierarchy. The PMC, and
    its chairman, are responsible for the day to day operations of the
    subprojects contained by the Jakarta Project. Currently the Jakarta
    project has too many codebases for the PMC and Chairman to oversee
    directly. As a solution, the PMC will be appointing responsible
    parties for each of the subprojects who will be responsible for the
    day to day operations of that subproject. These appointees will be
    responsible to the PMC chairman.

 *) Tomcat 3.x vs. Tomcat 4.x. We will be reaching a final decision
    about the future of the Tomcat source base and what our process
    for managing the factors that created the current situation will
    be moving forward. For reference you may want to read:

    The Chairman hereby requests that parties from both sides of this
    debate be present at this meeting to discuss.

 *) Other agenda items that may be raised by PMC members during the

 *) Election of a PMC Chairman for the next 12 months.


    Before the meeting, Jon Stevens and I welcome you to come to
    CollabNet and discuss ideas for a CJAN implementation for
    managing Java JAR libraries. I'm sure that we'd also like to
    talk about Sam's tinderbox ideas as these ideas are related.
    Details on this to follow.

                                       James Duncan Davidson
                                       Vice President, Jakarta Project Chair
                                       Apache Software Foundation

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