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From James Duncan Davidson <>
Subject Re: Property substitutions, Contributed Tasks, & New features
Date Fri, 12 Jan 2001 06:10:35 GMT
On 1/8/01 11:33 AM, "Jason Rosenberg" <> wrote:

> I think, in general, we need to be explicit about the
> several different kinds of property semantics, and perhaps
> they all should be allowed and supported, but specified
> with different syntax or attributes.
> The property types:
> 1.  run-time evaluated, not-resettable.
>   This is the current <property> behavior in Ant 1.2.  Once set, it cannot be
> changed.

Not good. If full scripting semantics are to be exported, this is bad.

> 2. run-time evaluated, resettable.

This is the way that properties were meant to be.

> 3. parse-time evaluated, not-resettable.
>   These would be defined at parse time, and remain immutable at run-time.
>   Could use a <constant-property> task to set it, or load it from a file, etc.

Why make things more complex by introducing more and more layers of stuff?

> 4. In any case, need the ability to allow a property to be dynamically
> resolved,
>   in the event it contains "bla_bla_${prop}".  Could have a task to do this:
>   <resolve-property>.   Of course, this could only be done on resettable
>   properties, i.e. properties defined with <user-property>.

Or, as the case is in the documents that I've worked on to date, all
property sub strings (strings of form ${propname}) are evaluated right at
Task execution time as they are being reflected into the TaskAction.

It's clean, simple, straightforward. It's all we need.

James Duncan Davidson                              
                                                                  !try; do()

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