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From Peter Vogel <>
Subject RE: New committer questions
Date Thu, 11 Jan 2001 22:28:36 GMT
> > > away!" :) And before I do all that, I have a couple of questions:
> > >   - Is CVS smart about line-endings? If I work from my NT, is
> > >     it going to add all those ugly ^M's? I can work from a Unix
> > >     machine instead if that'd be better.
> >
> > CVS is smart about line endings.  Text files are stored in 
> the repository
> > in Unix form (LF only) but are reproduced on the client in the form
> > appropriate to the client (i.e. CR/LF on Windoze).
> >
> Line endings are managed by the CVS client. If you use a 
> windows CVS client,
> you will get CRs added to text files on checkout. They will 
> be stripped on
> commit. If you use the cygwin CVS client on Windows, you will 
> get files
> without CRs and I do not believe CRs will be stripped on commit. That
> happened to me, yesterday, with index.html, I think. I'll fix 
> that in a
> second.

Interesting!  That's definitely a bug in the cygwin distribution then,
it is supposed to be smart about line ending conversions (it doesn't
put them in, but it is supposed to strip them!) I'll have to check
that, I hadn't noticed it before...


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