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From Paul Hodgetts <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: jakarta-ant build.bat
Date Thu, 25 Jan 2001 01:29:36 GMT
 > I actually tried to avoid this as it introduces risk ()ie no longer know
 > exactly what is included in build process) and it means that you can no
 > longer just type build.[sh|bat] because CLASSPATH is undefined and will not
 > work.
 > So perhaps it would be better to test if CLASSPATH is set ?


I'm sorry if I haven't been paying attention, but I just tried to
grab all the latest out of CVS and build, and I'm a bit confused.

How do I get all the optional tasks to build?  I've got all the
optional packages installed (e.g. JUnit, ANTLR, Weblogic ejbc,
etc.), but since the classpath no longer picks up my system
classpath the build script doesn't see these packages and build
the ant components for them.

If I want to use a different version of a package (like maybe
out project is locked into JUnit 3.2 for example), how do I
point the ant build at once version or another (I have multiple
versions installed in different directories)?

-Paul Hodgetts

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