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From "Bill Burton" <>
Subject Re: ant.bat + 4nt
Date Wed, 31 Jan 2001 13:11:54 GMT
Hello Martin,

After looking into this, I don't think ant.bat should be changed back for
the following reasons:

1. JP Soft fixed this compatibility problem back in 16-Apr-99.  From

  Bug Fixes -- Revision B Build 131 (16-Apr-99)
  >> Added support for the CMD.EXE %* variable, which returns all of
     the arguments on the line, like the %$ default, but without the
     additional ability to specify where to start (i.e. there is no
     %n*).  [4NT, TC32]

2. If upgrading to the current version of 4NT is not an option, there are
other alternatives available without switching from the 4NT command line:
   a. Edit ant.bat and replace the %* with %$
   b. Set up an alias (or whatever it's called in 4NT) so ant.bat is run
via cmd.exe.  The command line would probably be something like: 
      %windir%\cmd /c %ANT_HOME%\bin\ant %$

Although it's possible to write a condition to detect if 4DOS/4NT is
running the batch file, I don't think it's fair to users who have upgraded
to a more current version to support a compatibility problem that was
fixed nearly two years ago unless it can be done very easily.  On the
other hand, if you can come up with a one line test that will detect if
4NT is processing the batch file and detect a version prior to the one
where this fix was made, then maybe the Ant commiters would consider
applying a patch to support this.  However, since I'm not a committer, I
can't speak for them as to what's acceptable and what's not for a patch.

-Bill Burton wrote:
> i'm using 4nt (4dos) on win nt4
> the new ant.bat script does not work with 4nt because
> rem On NT/2K grab all arguments at once
> goto doneStart
> does not work with 4nt ... (i get * as argument!!)
> i don't want to use the ms command line!!
> please switch back to handle the arguments like in ant 1.2 ...
> martin

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