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From Frank Griffin <>
Subject Re: build process
Date Mon, 29 Jan 2001 23:18:23 GMT
A few weeks ago, I posted a message dealing with a proposal to add support for building under
OS/2.  I didn't get a response, but I noticed that there was a flurry of activity about build
issues, and during a subsequent CVS update I noticed that Exec had been deprecated and the
newer Execute had comments indicating that it would handle OS/2, so I figured I would lay
low until the dust settled and see what the status was then.

As long as you're soliciting comments for build requirements, I'd like to see platform-specific
stuff like the command template for executing external commands and the file extension for
executable script files passed into Ant as parameters, rather than guessed-at from the values
of the system properties.

I've successfully created OS/2 .CMD files with the same names as the existing .BAT files.
 These files are not modified duplicates of the .BATs - instead, they dynamically copy the
.BAT file to a .CMD file with a different name ("OS2" + original-bat-name), and call it. 
That way, the .BAT file logic doesn't get replicated, and the .CMD files should require no
maintenance at all (unless a new .BAT is created).  If we get to a point where the Java code
can correctly call OS/2 CMD files (which it sounds like we are at with the current Execute),
I'll be happy to contribute the .CMD files.

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