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From David Corbin <>
Subject onFailure
Date Mon, 29 Jan 2001 11:33:34 GMT
I spent several hours working a new feature for Ant on Friday.  This
would be my first contribution to Ant.  Then sometime this weekend I saw
a message on Ant-dev, and I began to wonder if this belongs in Ant.  So,
I throw this out on the table for discussion.

The intent was to add the ability to deal with targets that fail in
Ant.  Essentially, every target (and possibly the project) could define
an attribute "onFailure", which would be the name of the target to run
if the target in question fails (if it's on the project, it would be a

There are certain dependency challenges in this, but I'm sure they're
solvable, if the feature is desired.

This was inspired by somone on the Ant-User mailing list who wanted to
be able to have the system send and email when it failed during a
nightly build.  I suppose this system is mildly analogous to
Exceptions.  What made me reconsider was message from Ken Wood that
indicated ant should be focused on the what to build and how, and not
all the periphery stuff around that.

David Corbin 		
Mach Turtle Technologies, Inc.

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