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From "Bill Burton" <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Class dependency checking for optional tasks
Date Mon, 22 Jan 2001 16:09:49 GMT

A couple of months ago, I started work on an Ant 1.3 build file
"optional.xml" that could fetch and install some optional tasks.  So far,
I've implemented a task that can fetch and install the NetComponents jar
for the FTP task.  It would be good to add support for the scripting jars
and any other obvious ones in optional.jar.

If this kind of thing seems appropriate, I'd be willing to work on it some

JNLP seems like the way to go long term but based on the proposed schedule
for the 1.3 release a simpler scheme looks like it would be more

-Bill Burton

Martin van den Bemt wrote:
> Shouldn't there also be an option to download (maby embedded in the main
> build.xml for ant to download all tasks that depend on external sources?
> (like what they do in netbeans  modules)They also use the build.xml to do
> this.
> - You have a default stable distribution
> - You want e.g. the Junit tasks
> - You run build Junit
> - This target gets all the stuff that the junit task needs
> - Rebuilds ant when necessary.
> or
> - You're using the Junit task in a build.xml
> - If not present, throw a buildexception saying to get the junit optional
> and how to accomplish that. (maby offer it right away for download).
> - rebuild ant when necessary.
> Mvgr,
> Martin van den Bemt

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