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From Frank Griffin <>
Subject Proposal for Building Ant under OS/2 (and question)
Date Fri, 19 Jan 2001 23:04:08 GMT
Hello All,

I've just joined this list, because I am interested in modfiying the Ant build procedures
to support OS/2.  Actually, I've built Ant successfully under OS/2 by hacking the build scripts,
but I'd like to formalize the support, get it reviewed, and get it committed.

OS/2 uses script files which (as far as I can tell from the examples of the Ant, Xerces, Xalan,
and FOP builds) accept the Windows .BAT file syntax unchanged.  However, they are expected
to have the extension .CMD.

Also, the latest OS/2 JDK does not keep all of the Java JARs and EXEs in the same directory.
 They differentiate between SDK stuff (javac.exe, tools.jar) and runtime stuff (java.exe,
rt.jar).  The BIN and LIB directories for the SDK stuff live one level higher than JAVA_HOME.
 In a typical installation, the BIN and LIB directories for SDK stuff will be under C:\JAVA13\,
while the runtime stuff will be under C:\JAVA13\JRE.

I propose to handle this by:
(1) modifying the Windows .BAT files to accomodate use under OS/2 as .CMD files
(2) providing OS/2 .CMD files of the same name which copy their .BAT counterparts to temporary
.CMD files and call them.

This avoids the problem of having to maintain multiple almost-identical files with different

I'm attaching a modified copy of BOOTSTRAP.BAT which illustrates this concept.

However, here's the question: the same .BAT file names show up in multiple places in the Ant
source tree.  They are all extremely similar, with some excluding function present in others,
e. g. ant.bat, antRun.bat).  Is there a reason for such multiple files, or could all users
use a common version in the root or .\ant directory.  It would simplify my task (and yours)
if I didn't have to convert all of these.

There is also a modification required to, but I'll leave that until I've heard opinions
on what I've given you so far.

Frank Griffin

P.S. A partial version of this message "got away" from me during typing; please ignore it

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