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From Ken Wood <>
Subject Query -- status of 'current' ant...
Date Mon, 15 Jan 2001 20:11:01 GMT
Our shop has been happily using ant 1.2 with
one minor mod (Conor's optional 'depend' task)
for many weeks.

I've tried to monitor the list, but between the
debates over the future direction of Ant, and
the changes to ant 'now', and all the other
debates, I've lost track of the 'big picture'
(or the small picture, as the case may be...)

How is the current CVS version of ant? Is it
stable? Are the features working OK? Most
importantly, is the documentation in sync
with the changes so that I could try to get
my self back in sync with the latest code
base?? (Great idea, making Diane a committer!
Get those docs whipped into shape!)

I will not move our shop forward to a later
version of ant until I've had some experience
with it, and have a sense that it is 'value added'
to move forward. So I want to start 'evaluating'
ant all over again to see what the current version
can do for me.



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