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From Anil Vijendran <>
Subject Re: FW: Jakarta PMC Meeting Agenda / Info
Date Sun, 14 Jan 2001 02:24:52 GMT

It would be really good if you could reconsider what you said and attend/call
into the meeting. As a principal developer of the 3.x tree your viewpoint,
input and experience should feed into the decision making process.

The PMC (not withstanding any particular member's behaviour) has been no
paragon of project management w.r.t the Jakarta project. Here's an
opportunity for you to think and bring up what could be changed w.r.t the PMC
and the rest of it all.

Please don't let someone's behaviour affect your attitude about this project.
Remember that it takes all kinds. So just dismiss it as a minor PITA and try
to focus on things that are more important (to you). wrote:

> >*) Tomcat 3.x vs. Tomcat 4.x. We will be reaching a final decision
> >    about the future of the Tomcat source base and what our process
> >    for managing the factors that created the current situation will
> >    be moving forward. For reference you may want to read:
> >
> >
> >
> >    The Chairman hereby requests that parties from both sides of this
> >    debate be present at this meeting to discuss.
> Given the PMC composition and the opinions expressed so far by some of the
> PMC members and the silence of the others, I'm sure you'll understand
> why I want to stop "beeing a party" of this project in general.
> If anyone wants to "debate" with Jon  - good luck, I had
> enough of that already, and I have a feeling that even the subject of the
> debate is wrongly choosen - ( the PMC "reaching final decisions about
> the tomcat source" in 1/4 of an afternoon debate, instead of the project
> commiters ).
> IMHO behaviors like Jon's should be the subject of the debate - but it
> seems Jon is a PMC member and one of the organizers of the meeting.
> ( in any case, I don't think I'm a "side" of any debate regarding tomcat -
> I just contributed code and time to a project and got flames back )
> Costin
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Peace, Anil +<:-)

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