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From Deryk Sinotte <>
Subject RE: Info about Antidote
Date Mon, 29 Jan 2001 22:52:22 GMT
Thanks for posting and responding, Simeon.

[I've removed the less interesting parts of the original message to make
room for, hopefully, the good stuff.]

> Thanks for your interest in Ant and Antidote! What sort of 
> feature set were
> you looking at building? I'm *very* interested in hearing from new
> perspectives on what features whould be useful in an Ant 
> build tool GUI.

We'll be discussing a feature set here shortly and comparing it to what the
Antidote docs already say.  If I had to guess, I'd say there's not too much
that hasn't been already documented.  Our priorities may be different but
the requirements should hopefully align closely.

> You best bet for gaining some historical insight is to do a 
> search here
> ( 

Thanks...I went through the entire discussion.  Not sure if I retained
everything but it was educational.

> >  - What is the current timeline for Antidote to become a part of the
> > regular
> > Ant release?

If things stay on track here, I'd be putting in some regular effort towards
enhancing/developing those features of Antidote that we deem critical.  This
would likely be a short-term thing until we got Antidote to the "usefulness"
stage for our own purposes.

So what I envision is I could do some of the grunt work while trying to keep
aligned to the original spirit envisioned for Antidote.  This is just a
theory.  I'll know more once we've discussed more of the concrete stuff here
at my end.

> >  - In the more specific sense and more directly related to Ant, is there
> > any plans to come up with an XML Schema for Ant?
> Very interesting question, which is at the heart of many old Ant
> discussions. There is no *official* DTD/Schema for Ant, 
> primarily because
> the current extension mechanism is based on the developer 
> adding new tags
> which would be incompatible with a standard DTD (you will 
> have to ask the
> others in the group why a DTD compatible extension mechanism 
> wasn't used. I
> don't know.). 

After some more research, it looks like there is some moderate DTD support
for Ant.  There was one attempt to build a definitive DTD and another
undocumented Task that seems to generate at least the bare beginnings of a
DTD.  My preference would be to move towards schema's anyway.  I find them
more flexible, more intuitive, and easier to work with using existing tools.
Maybe for Ant 2.0 (if anyone is listening ;-] ).

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