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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: FW: Jakarta PMC Meeting Agenda / Info
Date Mon, 15 Jan 2001 10:04:45 GMT
>I already announced ( probably not clearly enough ) my 
>intention to give
>up and spend my free time in better ways. This is a form of vote, BTW.

A sad news. I follow many open source projects but I rarely saw someone 
as active as you (may be Ralf S. Engelschall another fine Apache Guru).

>The only thing that keeps me subscribed to this list is the fact that I
> wanted to finish my work on tomcat3 - quite a few  people put a lot of
>their time and effort into it, and I'll do whatever I can to make sure
>their work is not lost. 

Yes, we must have a release of Tomcat 3.3 :

1) Cleaner and easier to understand than Tomcat 3.2

2) The only evolution release (ie > 3.2) with a working connector to
   others WebServer (ie Apache and mod_jk)

   I still didn't understand why TC 4.0 didn't select mod_jk as 
   their connector to WebServer. The code is clean and many bugs
   are removed. A web server connector is not an easy piece of cake
   so why reinvent the whell ?-(

3) It run with just a JDK 1.1. May be a vital requirement for many sites
   around which can't upgrade to JDK 1.2.

>I don't think my presence to the PMC meeting can bring 
>anything good - I
>think most of the decisions have already been taken, and most of the
>games done. It seems things have already been debated in  productive
>closed-lists, and 1/2 of the judges are representing one side. I have a
>lot of respect for the other 1/2, but their (lack of ) open attitude
>during recent months is one of the main reasons for me wanting 
>to get out of this project as soon as possible. 

I hope you'll reconsider this decision. We need someone to lead the Tomcat 
3.3 project. Many consider Tomcat 3.3 to be just what they need as Servlet
JDK 1.1 and basta.

>In any case, the only thing I can do is to make clear that I ( as still
>a commiter on this project ) believe that tomcat 3.3 is to 
>tomcat 3.2 what
>3.2 is to 3.1 - a step forward and an evolution in the right 

Yes 3.3 = 3.2 + .1, no more a revolution (allready acted) but a necessary
evolution. The revolution will be TC 4.0 but when will it be available for
production (connectors and extensive testing). Also TC 4.0 need many
stuff to build (ie JMX) that is not OpenSourced.

>I'm very happy with the way our evolution worked. The fact that so many
>people contributed so much ( Gal, Sam, Larry, Nacho, Alex, Glen, Henri,
>Dan - and everyone else ) is what makes tomcat 3.x a great
>success. And again, tomcat 3.3 is not my baby - all I did was 
>to clean up and move code around trying to learn from Apache2.0 and others.

>The original design is the main value, and almost all features have been
>implemented by other people. 

My vote will be to have a Tomcat 3.3 beta release as soon as possible since
many of us just need evolution (and JDK 1.1) not revolution. 

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