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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Why do people like copying the source?
Date Thu, 25 Jan 2001 00:41:55 GMT

I don't generally like copying source but it seemd to be a SOP so I just
figured it would be approapriate. The main reasons for it include

1. Manipulating build files to add in "branding"/"versioning" information
or some other sort of post-processing (ie supporting collections in 1.1 and
2. Some people mount the source on a shared drive (ie samba/nfs) and want
to compile on a local drive. The reason is that compiling on nfs/samba is
3. Multiple builds out of same tree. ie you can simultaneously have 3-4
different builds with different options running (one with debug, another
optimized etc)

>Whether one uses an IDE, or JIKES+EMACS, or simply cut and paste from the
>command line, I have generally found it to be simpler and much less
>confusing if the files mentioned in the error messages of the compiler are
>the ones that you are expected to edit in order to correct the problem.

Right the easiest way to "fix" this is with a simple awk script. For
instance in Avalons build process I automagically convert to correct place
by piping ant output via something like

...ant... | awk -f $PWD/tools/bin/fixPath.awk

with fixPath containing
  print $0

Of course this still means unadorned win32 without cygnus has "issues" but
most people don't use emacs on windows ;)



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