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From Peter Donald <>
Subject XMLizing docs for Ant?
Date Sun, 21 Jan 2001 02:22:38 GMT

I would like to start xmlizing the docs for ant. Most of the apache
projects use a dtd based on a massive simplification of docbook that was
originally created over at I have attached the DTD and a
sample document. This document format does not mandate that we use either
stylebook or anakia - both tools should be able to use it.

The reason for xmlizing is that it is generally easier to work with XML
documents (no more entity escaping - can use CDATA when giving example
tasks). The actual desciption of tasks can be converted to XML later and we
can use a new DTD to describe the process.

I would like to initially work with stylebook as I know it but if we want
to later we can switch to Anakia. I am sure Jon will be willing to help
with that ;) (he was original dev of Anakia I believe). So as not to
disturb the release process I would like to move the building to
proposal/xml-docs and work from there until it is ready to be moved across
to main section.


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