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From Peter Donald <>
Subject New build process???
Date Sun, 21 Jan 2001 02:12:00 GMT

I would like to change the ant build process so that it is wholely self
contained within it's own directories. So instead of going back a directory
it would build inside the ant sub-directory.

The reason for this is both "safety" and logic. A lot of people find it
disconcerting if they type build and things start getting built outside
current directory. I know some peoples who got burned with c-based apps
that did similar and swore never to reuse that product. Thats why many
products have a build phase and an install phase. It is only the install
phase that actually copies anything anywhere.

What I propose is that two sub-directories be created during the build
process namely build/ and dist/. It would look something like

build/classes    Contains compiled .class files
build/lib        Contains generated jar files
build/bin        Contains batch files that have been "modified" by build
                 process (ie change line-feeds etc)
build/manifest   Contains any generated manifests if/when we use such things
build/conf       Contains any generated config/taskdef files if/when we 
                 use such things

dist/bin        Contains ant scripts required to run ant
dist/lib        Contains basic ant libs ant.jar/optional.jar (and possibly
                other jars like jaxp.jar/junit.jar depending on CLI switch
                when built)

We would also have a separate task that copies "dist" directory to the
install directory (ie /usr/local/java/ant or whatever). This install
directory is controlled by a particular property value.




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