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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Parameterized "task-function"
Date Mon, 15 Jan 2001 08:12:55 GMT
At 03:03  15/1/01 -0500, Jason Rosenberg wrote:
>> >When you call mytarget, any
>> >state it might set will be lost once the antcall finishes, which makes it
>> >appear that it never occurred to the rest of the processing of the ant
>> >project.
>> Fixed in the myrmidon proposal - it is even very performance sensitive.
>Who or what is myrmidon?  Is this something different than Ant2.0?

There is currently 4 different proposals for Ant2.0 - the best of each will
be combined into final product. "myrmidon" is the name of soldiers that
were created out of Ants by Zeus ;) The myrmidon were known for their
ruthless efficency and absolute obedience to follwing orders ;)

>So, is SQL considered the ideal declarative language?  Is the test
>then, if you can do it in pseudo SQL, it can be done declaratively?

nope - but it is the one the fewest people would argue is not declarative.

>> actually - i don't think script will be able interact with object model (or
>> at least I no longer see any good reason to allow it) - it will be more
>> useful for ad-hoc operations. Like calculating the value of PI times
>> current day divided by the phase of the moon ;)
>How will this be accomplished.  Will you no longer make the
>Ant java classes visible to JavaScript?  How can you do that?  Or
>are you considering removing Rhino/JavaScript from the allowable
><script> language attributes?

well Ant2.0 will use some sort of proxy between tasks and data required to
create tasks. ie It is similar to using DOM/JDOM and interpreting that as a
task but simplified. So to actually allow interaction of tasks via scripts
in Ant2.0 would be extremely dificult - we would effectively have to write
wrapper classes etc. We use BSF so unless you explictly pass in objects I
don't believe they come into global scope of rhino thou it is long time
since I used it so ... ;)



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