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From Jag <>
Subject Re: Ant and RPM integration-- Has anyone looked into it?
Date Fri, 26 Jan 2001 14:08:54 GMT
On Thu, 25 Jan 2001, Scott Stirling wrote:

> BTW, Linux used to have a feature in its kernel where *.class programs would
> be invoked through a JVM automatically like native programs.  It's since
> been removed, but you can see it in the Linux Kernel Blackbook, or older
> versions of the 2.2 kernel itself.

*scratches head* It's still there, just not specific to Java anymore..
is support for MISC binaries for CONFIG_BINFMT_MISC.  Its designed to
let you dynamically have the kernel properlly load the interpreters for
formats like Java, Python, Emacs-Lisp, or even have it load dosemu for
dos .exe's.

Btw, a large part of the reason why Java isn't more popular in open
source is the open source jvm's aren't that great, and Sun has weird
licenses on their stuff so that anyone can download it, but no-one (like
say a Linux distribution) can redistribute it, thus all jvm's in linux
distros are bound to suck.


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