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From Diane Holt <>
Subject RE: Jakarta PMC Meeting Agenda / Info
Date Mon, 15 Jan 2001 18:24:50 GMT
--- James Cook <> wrote:
> If the dicussion leads to alternative hosting/control for Ant, I would
> hope that Sourceforge would be considered in an effort to extricate the
> PMC from any control over Ant. Members of the PMC would, of course, be
> able to earn a position of commiter.

Actually, I was looking into Sourceforge over the weekend, to see about
maybe having a "User-Contributed Ant Tasks" project (for those tasks that
people would like to share, but which the Jakarta-Ant project doesn't want
to commit/support) -- but I've never set up a project on it before, so I
was still cruising through all the docs and faqs, etc. One thing I wasn't
sure about was how to handle the whole "committer" issue. You'd want the
original author of the task to be able to commit and work on their task,
but I'm assuming once you've done that, then they've got full access to
commit to all other tasks -- which, on the one hand, is probably fine, but
on the other, could get a bit out of control, but on the other other hand,
if people are reasonable and responsible there shouldn't really be a need
for all that much control anyway, right?

In any case, I haven't yet done anything about setting something up, so if
someone else is interested in taking that on, I don't see any reason why
it couldn't at least be tried.



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