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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: Text only list?
Date Sat, 13 Jan 2001 02:45:47 GMT
--- Jon Stevens <> wrote:
> correct and given that even diane just sent a .html document the other
> day...i don't think it is worth blocking people.

Actually, I thought I had sent a text file -- index.html.diffs. Of course,
it was loaded with HTML code inside the file, but I didn't think it would
get interpreted as one. (Since it got bounced, it's hard to say what
exactly it would've done with it -- well, hard for me to say anyway, since
I'm not savvy in the ways of mail these days... up until last year, all
I'd ever done was say 'mail' at a Unix prompt :)

But speaking of submitting things -- I'm still having a heck of hard time
trying to get myself going with being a committer. I've managed to do the
'ssh -L ...' line the doc (for the Unix stuff, which I decided to try and
go with) shows, and get logged on and change my password, but I can't get
the 'cvs -d ...' command the doc says to do next to connect for me --
keeps bouncing me back out with "localhost:2041 failed: Connection
refused" after it prompts me for a password and I enter mine (tried both
my new one and the old one).  Any suggestions on what I need to do to make
this work greatly appreciated. (P.S. I'm doing it telnet'd into my ISP, if
that makes a difference -- and I'm not sure whether it has a firewall set
up or not, but I could find out, also if that makes a difference.)



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