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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: Jay's javac refactoring once again
Date Tue, 09 Jan 2001 18:27:50 GMT
Just so I'm clear on what all is being done/about to be done... I have a
need to turn off the adding of the Java run-time classes (which is why
I've always had the addRuntime boolean in the original
hard-coded to false), and I'd just as soon turn off the adding of the Ant
system classes (but I've been living with having those included, so it's
more a want than an actual need). I'm not as concerned with the how as I
am with making sure that's what's happening. Basically, I just want to be
able to say, "I've specified the entire classpath to use, so don't add
anything else to it."  Does Sam's change already allow for that, or will I
need to wait for Jay's changes to be committed as well?


--- Stefan Bodewig <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I finally managed to find time to review Jay's code, it's more or less
> ready to get submitted. I've patched in Conor's change (the
> failOnError attribute) as well - had to change CompilerAdapter.execute
> to return boolean to do so.
> Sam, when you talk about file batching and output parsing for jikes,
> you are still looking at the old
> as a reference - we don't use that one anymore at all. Jay's code for
> running jikes is identical to the one in Ant 1.2 for this.
> The remaining issues:
> * I'm not really happy with the new attribute names but would commit the
> stuff anyway as we can change this rather quickly without breaking
> anything. I'd propose addsysclasspath instead of addantruntime.
> * Sam's tinderbox's needs and the addantruntime attribute cannot live
> together well.
> We have two very valid use cases: In the tinderbox case we don't want
> to trust the buildfile. The addantruntime is for situations where the
> buildfile writer doesn't want to trust the system CLASSPATH of the
> user.
> Say we have addantruntime="false" in our build file, what should we
> do? I'd say, unless build.sysclasspath has been set, the attribute
> wins - so concatSystemClasspath shouldn't be invoked. I'm not sure
> whether build.sysclasspath should win if it is set regardless of its
> value, but I tend to say yes.
> Comments?
> Stefan
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