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From "Jason Rosenberg" <>
Subject Re: What I did to
Date Tue, 16 Jan 2001 16:58:13 GMT

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From: "Stefan Bodewig" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, January 16, 2001 4:39 AM
Subject: Re: What I did to

> Jason Rosenberg <> wrote:
> > >= would not be what I want.
> I know, and others seem to have similar needs, see Pete's
> NoBannerLogger in current CVS.
> If you need > instead of >= why not use this logger and keep the
> default logger as it is - I know this may be inconvenient but the way
> the logger works right now seems to be appropriate for most people, or
> we would have had more complaints.

Well, I am just trying to improve on what the default behavior
should be.  I would argue that the default behavior should not
be a debugging/trace oriented type of output.  Spitting out the
name of each target traversed in a dependency graphs is not
really default behavior, it is -debug or -trace behavior.  I wouldn't
complain too much if it were part of -verbose behavior.

But at the very least, it should not be part of the default behavior.

Having to specify a -logger command line argument is not
the right way to go about it, in my view.  -logger would be
more appropriate when you need some special functionality,
such as when you are trying to debug things or trace things,

Just do it in the default case...


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