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From "Jason Rosenberg" <>
Subject What I did to (for ejbjar task)
Date Tue, 16 Jan 2001 08:19:33 GMT
When executing the ejbjar task, I wanted to have it output nothing
to the console if all the source files are up to date, instead of printing
out the annoying "foo-bar.jar is up to date".

For the MSG_INFO reporting level, the ejbjar task prints out that
message even when it does nothing, which is not similar to the
behavior of other tasks, such javac.  So, for consistency, I made
a change to my version of GenericDeploymentTool to make it
print out the message only if the logging level is -verbose.

So, in the processDescriptor method in,
I changed the code that is executed for the final 'else' condition:

            else {
                // Log that the file is up to date...
  ** don't want to see this output, except for verbose mode
  ** jason
                getTask().log(jarFile.toString() + " is up to date.",

I started from the Ant 1.2 source distribution.

Don't know if anyone else thinks this would be a useful addition to
Ant 1.3.


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