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From "Jason Rosenberg" <>
Subject What I did to
Date Tue, 16 Jan 2001 08:13:24 GMT
Don't know if anyone thinks this is worth including in Ant 1.3,
since it may not be backward compatible, with regards to default
logging, etc.

But, I just changed the 'targetStarted' method in DefaulLogger to:

    public void targetStarted(BuildEvent event) {
 ** was set for <= MSG_INFO, but I don't
 ** think that is useful....Jason
        if (msgOutputLevel > Project.MSG_INFO) {
            out.println(lSep + event.getTarget().getName() + ":");

So, now it only prints out the target names processed for levels greater
than the default 'MSG_INFO' reporting level.  It was set to <= MSG_INFO,
which is counter intuitive, since it is set to report more info for lesser
reporting levels.  Not sure if this was a bug or a feature.  But anyway,
I found it not to be very clean.

I started with the Ant 1.2 source distribution....

Don't know if this would be controversial, but I think this would be
good addition to Ant 1.3...


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