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From "Conor MacNeill" <>
Subject Code freeze (Was Re: What I did to
Date Sat, 20 Jan 2001 05:12:04 GMT
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From: "Bill Brooks" <>
> Are you still accepting patches before the 1.3 release? New tasks? How
> long do we have to sumbit things before the code freeze?

The details of the release plan are contained in another post

As it says there, new features & tasks, patches, bug fixes, etc will be
considered until Feb 5. Of course, any committer may veto a patch or a
commit, perhaps to suggest it be deferred till after the release. In other
words, IMHO, it would be acceptable to -1 something, giving the reason that
inclusion of the patch, so close to a release, would risk introducing bugs,
etc. Conversely, we could vote to delay the release to include an important
change. I don't think we want to become slaves to the release plan. If it
needs to change, it should be changed.

I would also note that submitting a patch before Feb 5th does not guarantee
its inclusion in the release, since there may be no committer who has
enough time to fully consider the patch.


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