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From "Conor MacNeill" <>
Subject Re: Jakarta PMC Meeting Agenda / Info
Date Sun, 14 Jan 2001 14:04:12 GMT
As I am both geographically challenged and timezone challenged, I will not
be able to provide any real-time input for this meeting. In any case, the
cost of doing so would not be something I would entertain. Therefore I
would just like to ask a few questions to better understand what is being
proposed and how it may affect Ant.

>     As part of this bullet point, I will be moving that we propose
>     to the board the creation of a separate, top level project for Ant.

I thought ant was already a top-level project! I can only assume that this
means moving ant out of Jakarta. Is that right? What is special about ant?
What are the implications of this change? In other words, if ant is a
separate top-level project, how will it operate differently from the way it
works (or doesn't work) today.

>  *) Formalization of a subproject responsibility hierarchy. The PMC, and
>     its chairman, are responsible for the day to day operations of the
>     subprojects contained by the Jakarta Project.

What exactly is encompassed by "day to day operations"? Does it include
technical decisions and directions? As each Jakarta project has a group of
committers, for whom there is already a decision making framework, could
not this group form the leaf of the "responsibility hierarchy" If this is
not the case, then what is the role of the committers in decision making?

>  Currently the Jakarta
>     project has too many codebases for the PMC and Chairman to oversee
>     directly. As a solution, the PMC will be appointing responsible
>     parties for each of the subprojects who will be responsible for the
>     day to day operations of that subproject. These appointees will be
>     responsible to the PMC chairman.

I'm not sure what "responsible to the PMC chairman" involves?

I guess there is no need to really discuss any or all these points on the
ant-dev list. I'm just raising the questions that came into my mind, since
I can't be there. Will there be any minutes provided afterwards?


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