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From "Thomas Christen" <>
Subject [PATCH] Nested Tasks
Date Sun, 28 Jan 2001 21:04:30 GMT
Partly I have provided this earlier. My addons provide the posibillity to
easily write tasks witch can hav netsted tasks it self.

- A new Interface called SupportTasks : Used to mark
   any task as a task supporting nested tasks
- A new Version of :
     - Constructor TaskHandler: Type of target changed to Object
     - NestedElementHanlder: Method init changed a lot
- A new Version of : Only added implements
   SupportTasks and use the new method perform() from
   Task (see below)
- A new Version of :
     - New method called perform() for a centralised handling
       of task execution.
     - Logging strategy; this enables task to redirect the
       loggeroutput of there children (e.g. postpone, etc.)

Any task can implement nested tasks by implementing the Interface
SupportTasks. The task then has to take care during its own execution
and execute the nested tasks in the necessary sequence. The execution
of tasks should be done with the help of the new method perform() witch
will ensure, that all pre- and postactivities will be called at the right
stage of execution (e.g. Event handling, etc.)

It greatly apreciate, if this could be contained in 1.3. If there are any
questions, I would be glad to help and or explain.

Thomas Christen

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