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From "Rosen, Alex" <>
Subject RE: The two views of Ant's future direction
Date Tue, 16 Jan 2001 15:38:33 GMT
> I have been there and done that
> (mainly with c/c++ projects thou ...) and NEVER want to go
> there again and
> would encourage everyone to avoid it like the plague ;) My
> make files were
> infested with that evil a4 language and seriously I thinking that
> allowing/encouraging scripting in large projects is a great
> disservice to our users.

I respect this experience a great deal, because it's a lot more than I have.
However, it's worth noting that you (presumably) didn't try the alternative -
using no scripting - so we don't know if that would have turned out better or
worse. For Ant, that would mean either using XSLT (I can't imagine that would
have been more pleasant), or writing Java tasks for every procedural thing
(which is cleaner but more heavyweight, esp. for smaller projects).


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