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From James Bucanek <>
Subject Multi-target builds
Date Fri, 15 Dec 2000 19:45:17 GMT

I posted this to ant-user, but thought that there might be a 
'developer' solution to this.

It appears that Ant only builds one target at a time.  So when 
building multiple targets, Ant builds each target successively.  The 
result being that any common targets are executed multiple times.

I've found a hack around this:

     <target name="init" unless="init.complete">
         <echo message="init executing..."/>
         <property name="init.complete" value="true"/>

But I don't like it.

So, is there some other way of either (a) keeping targets/tasks from 
running more than once or (b) building the entire tree of targets to 
be built in one pass?

On a more general note, I'm really surprised that Ant seems to have 
no concept of an up-to-date target, or up-to-date source files.  Make 
really only does one thing: determine which set of files are out of 
date and executes commands to bring them up-to-date.

Ant, on the other hand, bills itself as a replacement for make but 
seems to leave this dependency checking entirely in the hands of the 
individual tasks.  Am I missing something here, or does this seem 
like an obvious use pattern that should be somehow integrated with 
Ant (even if it's only a set of utility classes for use by tasks)?


James Bucanek

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