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From James Bucanek <>
Subject Re: init targets
Date Sat, 16 Dec 2000 15:43:14 GMT
At 11:04 PM -0800 12/15/00, Diane Holt wrote:
>--- James Bucanek <> wrote:
>>       <project name="workhorse" default="main" start="init"
>>  finish="cleanup" success="incrementsaleries" failure="firesomeone"/>
>I think the problem I'd have with project-level "auto-tasks" is that you
>could have targets that you -wouldn't- want/need to have all these run
>when you're running those targets. For example, I have a "usage" target
>that prints out a list of (some of) the targets and what they do (similar
>to the Ant command flag -projecthelp, but not exactly). It doesn't depend
>on anything being run before it or after it. If, say, I had a
>project-level "success" specification that sent mail, I certainly wouldn't
>want that happening every time a "build" succeeded, since a "build" can be
>something as simple as running 'ant usage' -- so I wouldn't actually be
>able to use "success" for sending mail afterall, or for much of anything
>else either. Same for the others -- I wouldn't be able to use them, since
>they wouldn't always apply.
>I'm not saying they shouldn't be availabe just because I couldn't use them
>-- just pointing out a possible gotcha.

Good points.

I was most concerned with tasks that have to be executed at the 
beginning (or end) of every build (i.e. <tstamp/>), and the 
maintenance issues of dozens (possibly hundreds) of targets that are 
all required to have the same dependency.  Obviously any kind of 
"auto-task" would have to be benign and appropriate to every kind of 
build you'd ever want to do.

And, of course, with every new feature comes a new command line argument.  ;)

It wouldn't be difficult to add a '-noauto' switch to Main.  You can 
always regain control since the exact same effect could be 
accomplished by adding the auto-task names into the list of targets 
you want to build: 'Ant deploy' would be identical to 'Ant -noauto 
init deploy cleanup'


James Bucanek

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