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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: [submit] optional task for Poet ptjavac compiler/enhancer
Date Wed, 06 Dec 2000 08:30:24 GMT
Jon Stevens <> wrote:

> Why are people submitting every task under the Sun to be included
> with Ant?

Because they want to use every tool under the sun with Ant and they
don't have any influence on their tool developers. 

Not sure whether POET would care about their developers that want to
use Ant for example - but if one of them steps up and offers an open
source solution to his fellow developers I won't be the one to reject

> I just don't get it. Why are we bloating Ant like this?

This is an intermediate step.

Ant has become that successful that people are going wild and add
tasks for everything. This is great. 

If they are involved in an open source project and their tasks are
tightly coupled to that project they can easily include these tasks in
the given project - that's what you do and that's what the jBoss
people do for example.

Then there are task for third party tools that barely ship as a
project at all - including tasks there would be rather difficult. For
example I have two tasks for JLex and CUP cooking on my box - JLex's
distribution consists of a single source file.

Ant's current architecture is not well suited for adding a bunch of
tasks you need with all your projects - that's what we've realized
months ago and that's what we want to change with the Ant2

Once Ant2 is there, I'd expect it to include a bare minimum of tasks,
my vote would go for "if you don't need it to build an Ant
distribution, it's not core". We should have a central repository of
tasks, maybe as a new project at jakarta, and move the remainder of
tasks over there.

Until then I have no problem with including these tasks (and bloating
Ant if you want to call it that) .


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