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From Mariusz Nowostawski <>
Subject RE: [PATCH] refactoring of javac task into factory
Date Sat, 16 Dec 2000 02:55:45 GMT
> It relies on people being intelligent about it. I prefer to think of people
> as stupid/lazy and then protect them selves from themselves ;). 

;o) right, but not all of us like living in fully controlled environments,
and the choice if we want this extra security or not should be left to the
users/developers, not hardwired into ANT itself.

> Now lets consider the case where Joe Sixpack doesn't enable this and
> hardwires it to  "modern".

Maybe he did that on purpose! ;o)
This is actually what I think developers and build.xml authors should be
able to do. At least, I want to have a choice - hardcode it or leave it up
to the user. With current ANT I do not have that choice, and I think it is
bad. I have projects which compile with modern/jikes but not with
classic, I have projects which compile with modern but not with jikes,
etc, and sometimes I would like to hardcode particular compiler to be
used (even if this build files are used internally only within our group).


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